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My name is Mark Krusch and besides being the admin here at WPBLoggingTools.com, I run an SEO company at www.SeoResearchFirm.com. I run many other WP (WordPress) websites and I also help my wife who has some WP sites and likes to blog a lot!

I’ve found it can be very frustrating trying to make a nice blog post. There are many tools available in the form of plugins and themes and widgets, however it can be overwhelming at times when you try to find the right tool.

So this site will list blogging tools for both experienced and beginning bloggers. It will list and review tools that I use and tools that my wife likes and uses. I’ve been blogging since 2006 so I guess I qualify as an experienced blogger 😉 , while my wife has been blogging for about 6 years.

I will also list new blogging tools that I have found which may be useful for you, as ultimately it’s about making YOUR blog as beautiful as possible with as much ease as possible. And I invite you to join and/or comment on the site and offer your opinions on tools that you use and like.

No one can possibly know every tool available as new ones are created every week; but with your help I hope to have a great collection of information about blogging tools that will make your blogging life better and easier.

As a helpful benefit for those of you who may need it, I plan to also offer a series of WordPress training videos which will be kept as up-to-date as possible. There will be a nominal fee for this service (to help pay for the video updates) but I will keep it as low as possible to better enable those of you who may be new to WordPress to gain a full understanding of how to utilize this great blogging tool!

So welcome to you! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your interaction on this site.

-Mark Krusch

Google Has A WordPress Plugin!

Hi there fellow bloggers!

Google has announced a new plugin that is currently in beta (which means it’s not fully perfected yet – kinda like every time Microsoft sells a new Operating system) but which you can download and start using today!

So what is it and what is it called? Per the Google announcement, here is what it does:

It supports:

  • Google AdSense: Earn money by placing ads on your WordPress website. The plugin links your WordPress site to your AdSense account and makes it very easy to place ads on your site. Use AdSense with the Google Publisher Plugin.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. The plugin allows you to verify your site with Webmaster Tools with only one click. Use Webmaster Tools with the Google Publisher Plugin.

Note: The Google Publisher Plugin cannot currently be used with blogs hosted on WordPress.com. WordPress.com only allows a limited number of plugins, and the Google Publisher Plugin is not currently on this list.

In case you missed it, its called “Google Publisher Plugin” and you can find it by doing a search in the “add new plugins” section of your WP blog for – Google Publisher Plugin.

If you already have a Google webmaster account (and you really should!) and you use Adsense, this should be a big help for you.

I’m adding it to my blogs now and I’ll report back on my experience with it.

But I suggest you try it yourself and get the jump on all the other bloggers and webmasters!

Have a great day!

Once Again Another WordPress Attack Has Begun

Just wanted to share this e-mail that I just received. Its from the WordFence plugin creator and you should all be aware of this.

Dear WordPress Publisher,

As of 11am eastern time this morning we are monitoring the largest distributed brute force attack on WordPress installations that we’ve seen to date. The real-time attack map on www.wordfence.com became so busy that we’ve had to throttle the amount of traffic we show down to 4% of actual traffic.

A brute force attack is when an attacker tries many times to guess your username password combination by repeatedly sending login attempts. A distributed brute force attack is when an attacker uses a large number of machines spread around the internet to do this in order to circumvent any blocking mechanisms you have in place.

If you’re using the free or paid version of Wordfence you should have the option to “Participate in the real-time Wordfence security network” under ‘Other options’ enabled. This will immediately block any attack originating from an IP address that has attacked other WordPress sites using Wordfence. This is an effective defense against this kind of attack.

We recommend that until this passes you monitor your WordPress websites closely for unusual activity including logins, account creation or changes to the public facing website.
Mark Maunder
Wordfence Creator & Feedjit Inc. CEO.

So once again, it should be apparent by now that you really do need WordFence installed on your WordPress site!

Go get it now and get your site protected!

If you need help installing it or configuring it, check out my video below.



Very Important WordPress Announcement!

If you read my last post, you’ll have a better idea about what I’m going to post today!

I just received an e-mail from Mark Maunder, the creator of the Wordfence plugin. You NEED to read this!

Dear WordPress Publisher,

A security hole that allows anyone to execute any command on your WordPress server has been discovered in the WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins.

WHAT TO DO: Upgrade to the newest version of both these plugins immediately. The security holes have been fixed by the developers.

The impact of these security holes can’t be overstated. They allow anyone to bypass all security and gain complete access to your WordPress site.

The exploit was posted by a user on the WordPress forums. The plugin authors have now updated their code to fix this issue.

The security hole allows an attacker to post PHP code embedded in comments and that code will be executed by your server. This effectively gives them unlimited access to all parts of your site and database.

There have been roughly 6 million downloads of both plugins combined, so they are very popular and this hole is likely to have spawned large scale automated attacks that take advantage of it.

If you run either of these plugins, it’s likely that your system may already have been compromised. Please upgrade both plugins and then run a full Wordfence scan to verify your system integrity.

Mark Maunder
Wordfence Creator & Feedjit Inc. CEO.

So if you have WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache plugins on your site GO RIGHT NOW and update them!


WP Security Threat Elimination

Hey folks!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a massive attack going on against web host providers that have WordPress blogs on their servers. They say there are over 190,000 IP addresses involved in these attacks. That’s a lot of bots being used to attack the web hosts!

Many WordPress sites have been hacked into and ruined and/or destroyed. This is mainly due to easy to guess passwords and user IDs that people use. For instance, if you do a quick install of WP through your web host provider, you’ll more than likely have a user id of “admin” that you use when you login to your blog – right? And most folks use somewhat easy to guess passwords when creating their admin accounts. This all leads to an easily crackable blog!

So in order to help yourself and make your blog more secure you should change your admin account ASAP! How do you do that? Easy, just follow these steps:

  • Login as “admin”‘
  • Click on “Users” and create a new user following the steps below
  • Choose an unusual username, one that you’ll easily remember (NOT “admin”)
  • Make that user’s role an “administrator”
  • Create a password that has upper and lower-case letters, numbers and at least 1 symbol in it.  Remember to never use the word “password” or “wordpass” in your password – just don’t do it!
  • Click on “Add new user”
  • Log out as “admin”
  • Login as the new user you just created
  • Delete the old “admin” user account and assign all the “admin” posts-pages-comments to the new account that you are logged in with
  • Walaa, your WordPress site is now much more secure

Another WP plugin that I’ve been using recently is called Wordfence. It’s a great “free” plugin. The official description of the plugin:

Wordfence is a robust and complete security system for WordPress. It protects your WordPress site from security threats and keeps you off Google’s SEO black-list by providing a firewall, brute force protection, continuous scanning and many other security enhancements.

Wordfence also detects if there are any security problems on your site or if there has been an intrusion and will alert you via email. Wordfence can also help repair hacked sites, even if you don’t have a backup of your site.

Powered by our Cloud Servers

Wordfence is not just a standalone plugin for WordPress. It is part of Feedjit Inc. and is powered by our cloud scanning servers based at our data center in Seattle, Washington in the USA. On these servers we keep an updated mirror of every version of WordPress ever released and every version of every plugin and theme ever released into the WordPress repository. That allows us to do an integrity check on your core files, plugins and themes. It also means that when we detect they have changed, we can show you the changes and we can give you the option to repair any corrupt files. Even if you don’t have a backup of that file.

Keeping you off Google’s SEO Black-List

We also maintain a real-time copy of the Google Safe Browsing list (the GSB) and use it to scan all your files, posts, pages and comments for dangerous URL’s. If you accidentally link to a URL on the GSB, your site is often black-listed by Google and removed from search results. The GSB is constantly changing, so constant scanning of all your content is needed to keep you safe and off Google’s SEO black-list.

Scans for back-doors, malware, viruses and other threats

Wordfence also maintains an updated threat and malware signature database which we use to scan your site for intrusions, malware, backdoors and more.

I found out about this plugin when I bought a site from an Internet Marketer. It was already installed and I love it! It sends me alerts whenever my site needs attention – like a plugin that needs updating, etc. You can even go and see who’s on your site “live” at that moment. I highly recommend getting the plugin and following their setup tour steps.

If you take these two steps I’ve outlined here (changing the admin account and adding the WordFence plugin), your site will be much more secure and almost hack-proof. And you’ll blog and sleep much more comfortably at night!  😉



Your WP Website Theme

For the most part, themes by themselves will not help you to enhance your blog posts.

If you look for themes for WordPress, you will find many various themes which will help to make your site look nice. WordPress itself comes with a free theme or two to help you get started. These themes can be made to look and work nicely with a little bit of work.

You will find that there are many free WP themes which on first glance look good. However, you need to be careful when installing free themes to your site. Some themes have obfuscated coding in them which unless you know how to decode and analyze it, could be compromising your site’s security at worst, or adding links to other unknown sites at the least.

You are usually safer using a professional “paid for” WP Theme. Most theme developers have a reputation to uphold and are therefore much more careful about the code that they use in their themes – they want repeat customers!

Professional themes can be bought for anywhere from a few dollars to over a thousand dollars. Your budget will help determine just what theme you decide to use. 🙂

Some professional themes may actually help to enhance your blog posts. They can utilize special coding that is inserted with the click of a button to insert tables into your post or they may be formatted so that they automatically show an image or even re-size an image when you create a new post.

Three of the more commonly used professional WP themes are:

  • Thesis Theme – a powerful, high quality WordPress master framework that makes it easy for you to create a professional, customized blog or website. It simplifies your site’s SEO, speed, and layout flexibility. It comes with one of the best option panels that allows you to easily control and customize all aspects of the framework with ease. You can select the font style and sizes, colors, the number of columns, (up to three) the order of those columns and the exact width of each individual column – all without having to dig into the pages of code. The Thesis theme also has the strongest SEO of any WP theme. This theme is the theme of choice for most professional bloggers.
  • StudioPress – Genesis Framework WP Themes – State of the art code, smart design architecture, and easy Google Authorship identification make it simple for search engines to see what you’ve got and rank you well. With automatic updates to the Genesis Framework, your code will always be up to date and fully optimized. The Genesis Framework lets you focus on your business, not on design tweaks and SEO. It’s really easy to edit and adapt.
  • SoloStream – they offer you 30 high-quality themes that make it simple and inexpensive to launch your business blog, website or online magazine.

There are literally thousands of premium WordPress themes for your consideration. In further posts, I’ll go into more in-depth analysis of some of what I consider to be the best themes. Until then, please comment and let me know what theme you like to use and why it works for you?